Not A High School Dance, A High School Formal.

On Friday, May 1st, we were invited to what we thought was a local high school's spring dance, probably Prom. Who wouldn't want a photo both for a high school dance, right? Little did we know, "dance" and "formal" are not synonymous in the party world. 

Horizon Christian High School doesn't do "dances," they do "formals." My naive self always thought a "formal" was a classy version of a dance. After all in my high school a "dance" was nothing more than putting hundreds of raging hormones in the school cafeteria and hoping for the best. It definitely wasn't very formal. 

I hated dances in high school. Now, 10 years later, I'm realizing what I needed - formals. Tables were set up throughout the gymnasium. For 3 hours, students ate, socialized, enjoyed the photo booth, flirted, watched some choreographed theater dances, played trivia, flirted, crowned a king...and didn't dance. What!?!?

Imagine a world where high schoolers came together for a school celebration that didn't involve bumping and grinding. Horizon Christian, you are paving the way. 

The students were polite. Numerous times we were personally thanked for sharing our photo booth with them. One junior told us "we did a good job." A sophomore, who also happened to be a homecoming prince, thanks us for being there and helping them have a great time. 

Bringing the photo booth to high school dances (and now formals) is slowly becoming one of our favorite types of events. These students know how to have a blast, get funky for the camera, and restore our faith in humanity...which really wasn't depleted to begin with, but that sounded cool. 

Hats off to you Horizon, great formal!