Show Us Those Teeth!

I've heard graduating from dental school is no easy feat. I've heard each student puts in thousands and thousands of hours in the classroom, the lab, studying, practicing, and definitely not sleeping. 

With graduation just around the corner, years of hard work behind, and new jobs awaiting these students across the globe, there's really only one thing to do - PARTY!

Last year as the OHSU Dental class of 2014 neared their graduation party, they reached out to us at Picstop PDX so they could have a photo both at their party. The party was a blast! After their final dental testing was complete, they were sure to make the most of the night. 

This year as the 2015 graduating class prepped for their party we received yet another email requesting our service. Once again we joined our future dentists as they celebrated the end of the journey. 

One of our favorite things about having a photo booth company is the way pictures can bring anyone from any walk of life into a silly, excited, eccentric camera model. Two nights ago I watched over a hundred people, all of who are leagues more intelligent than me, embrace their goofiness as they took their photos.

In the last year, we've watched Russian grandparents who don't speak a lick of english give a smooch for the camera. We've watched babies light up as they see themselves on the live-view screen. We've seen awkward, high school couples take their photos, and ecstatic brides and grooms do the same. And now, for 2 consecutive years, we've seen our professional, stoic, brilliant dentists go crazy so the little photo strips that'll decorate their fridges are as memorable as possible. 

Thank you OHSU for including us as you celebrate. Thank you for renting this Portland photo booth. Thank you for busting your tail so we can have the best smiles possible. And most of all, thanks for reminding us that dentists, just like everyone else, love to set their inhibitions to the side for the sake of a good photo booth photo strip!