We're Blogging our Photo Booth, Baby!

Why a blog? We want to share our Photo Booth story, duh. 

Years ago, Kate and I (Alex) tied the knot. One thing we wanted at our wedding was a photo booth. Unfortunately, we didn't have the dough to rent a photo booth. Instead, we bought a knock-off polaroid camera, nailed a sheet to a wall, threw together some props on a table, and did the best we could. 

After the wedding ended we found that no more that 10% of our guests took photos. We weren't devastated by any means. Our day was phenomenal (we did get married after all). However, the photo album we purchased to pack full of "photo booth" photos ended up looking rather bleak...bleak enough that it hasn't come off the bookshelf many times in 3 years. We know to this day that a high quality, affordable photo booth could have changed the destiny of that photo album. 


Photo by Kelly Boitano  / www.kellyboitano.com

Photo by Kelly Boitano  / www.kellyboitano.com

About a year later Kate was given the amazing experience of being the maid of honor in one of her best friend's weddings. The wedding was amazing, start to finish. Above all though, we were mesmerized by the photo booth. We came home with enough photo strips to cover the surface of our fridge. Within days, the creative, visionary mind of Kate had hatched a plan - we were going to build a photo booth. 

I'm a bit of a...kill joy. I'm one of those guys who wants a consistent job with a consistent paycheck. I admire and respect entrepreneurs, I just don't want to be one. Yet, here I was, watching my wife dream. Who was I to kill the dream?

Kate dreamt of owning a photo booth in Portland that matched the quality of the best booths around, yet could be more affordable for couples, like us, who didn't have an endless wedding budget. Within months I found myself splintered from days of building. With the help of our friends who knew infinitely more about building and photography than we did, we owned a photo booth. By the end of 2014, Picstop PDX was a legal company and we had our first dozen events completed. We were thirsty for more.  

Now's the part where we grow our photo booth company. We want to continue blessing people with a photo booth to enrich their weddings, but not just their wedding. We want to enhance business events, birthday parties, school dances, graduation parties, and more. We want the great moments in life to be greater. 

So why the blog? Because we want to share those greater moments, from our perspective.