How does your booth work? 

Great question. Whoever wants to be in the photos will grab some fun props. You'll then stand in front of the backdrop, facing the photo booth. You'll touch the "go" button on the screen, the booth will take 4 photos of you and then print out 2 photo strips with the 4 photos on each of them. You'll then also get the option of sending the strip to your email, Facebook, or Twitter account. 

Will you have an employee manning the booth?

You bet. At least 1 employee will be with the booth from start to finish of every event so we can provide as much help as possible. 

My event isn't very close to Portland, would you still come?

We would love to come to your event regardless of where it is. The only catch is that we require an additional dollar per mile traveled beyond 30 miles outside of Portland. This is simply so we can cover our gas costs.    

Do I have to pay extra for 2 photos to be printed each time?

Nope! The Picstop photo booth will automatically print 2 photo strips each time. 

I like fun props in photo booth pictures. Do I need to bring my own?

We will provide a handful of fun, quirky props for every event. I guess if you have a incredibly important prop that you would want, you can bring it - whatever makes you happy. 

Can the photo booth be outside?

Yes, if it's dry, on a flat surface, within 50 feet of an outlet, and generally out of harms way. More specifics on what we need for the photo booth to function properly can be found in our contract under the "Rates" page of the site.   

I see there's a custom design at the bottom of many of the prints. Can I play a role in designing that?

Absolutely! We want the photo strip to be just the way you like it. We'd love to work with you in designing that. In fact, if you want to design it yourself, you are completely welcome to. Regardless of what it looks like, we'll do everything in our power to make sure you love it! 

What if we need the booth set up more than an hour ahead of time?

We will show up to any event an hour ahead of time to set up for no cost. Unfortunately, if any additional time is needed, we charge $50 per additional hour. 

Can we negotiate pricing?

There's no hurt in asking, but we generally will not negotiate pricing. The current prices are reduced as it is. We hope that helps!